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Short Tutorial/FAQ – What Are Search Engine Alternatives to Google?

Download Graphics to View Google is the most popular search engine with more than 90% market share. Nevertheless, you may want to seek out alternatives if you're concerned about the privacy of your personal data.

It's a well-known fact the "personalized experience" of the Google search engine comes at a cost. Users share their personal data with Google and allow themselves to be tracked on the internet. It's this personalization that results in the sometimes annoying tailored content and targeted ads — for example, weeks of seeing ads for patio furniture after you do one Google search for it.

If you'd like to explore the world beyond Google, here are some of the top search engine alternatives to check out:

A more visual search engine from Microsoft

Best alternative for online privacy

Plants trees around the globe from money it earns

Offers other services apart from search, such as news aggregation

Promises no tracking of your searches and no sale of personal data

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