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Short Tutorial/FAQ – How Can I Safely Use Public Wi-Fi?

Download Graphics to View Question: I use my laptop frequently when I'm away from home. How can I safely use public Wi-Fi?

Answer: Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, and other public places are convenient, but they can present security risks. If the Wi-Fi network isn't secure, and you log into an unencrypted site, other users on the network could potentially hijack your session and log in as you. New hacking tools — available for free online — make this easy, even for users with limited technical know-how. Your personal information and even your login credentials could be up for grabs.

There are ways, however, to minimize your risk:
  • Treat all Wi-Fi links with suspicion. Don't just assume that the Wi-Fi link is legitimate. It could be a bogus link that has been set up by a cybercriminal that's trying to capture personal information from unsuspecting users.

  • Verify it's a legitimate wireless connection. Some bogus links set up by malicious users will often have a connection name that's deliberately similar to the real one used by the business. If possible, speak with an employee at the location and ask for information about their legitimate Wi-Fi network including the connection's name.

  • Change your device's settings so it doesn't automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi. That way, you have more control over when and how you use public Wi-Fi.

  • Consider using your phone's mobile data. If you're on the go and don't have the option of using a secure website, consider using your phone's mobile data instead of a public Wi-Fi network, especially if you need to access any websites that store or require the input of sensitive information such as your bank.
Following these basic security tips will help you stay connected when you're out and about without exposing yourself to identity theft.

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