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Stay Alert – Watch Out For Job Scams

Watch Out For Charity Scams While you're looking for your next job, scammers could be looking for their next victim. There are fraudulent offers out there involving illegal jobs or ones designed to facilitate identifty theft or fake check schemes.

Be careful during your job search and watch for these warning signs:
  • You're offered a job without an interview. Scammers might say they're out of town, too busy, or have another excuse for not talking to you by phone or in person.

  • You get a check before you start a job. The person "hiring you" might say it's your first paycheck and to use the money to buy supplies. But later they'll tell you to send part of the money to someone else or return it to them. They'll have excuses, but the main thing to know is that the check is fake. By the time the bank realizes it, the scammer has your money (if you sent it), and the bank will want you to repay the money you withdrew.

  • You're contacted through non-company email domains and teleconference applications. For example, an actual IBM recruiter would contact you using a company email such as, as opposed to

  • You're required to purchase start-up equipment from the company, such as is the case of work-from-home job scams, or are asked to pay a non-refundable registration fee. 

  • You're required to provide your bank account information or Social Security number BEFORE you start working. 
To avoid being scammed, check out potential employers thoroughly before giving them any sensitive information. Search online for their name, email address, phone number, and even the text of the message they sent. You might find that others have had bad experiences and been scammed by the same people in a similar way. It's also a good idea to check on the business with the Better Business Bureau at

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