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Short Tutorial/FAQ – Is It Better to Use a Mouse or a Touchpad?

Download Graphics to View Question: I've always used a mouse, but many of my friends swear by touchpads. What are the advantages of each?

Answer: A mouse is significantly better for people who work from a static location and have a large flat surface available. This is because using a mouse gives you incredible precision, which allows you to work more quickly and productively on your computer with a higher level of accuracy. In addition, using a mouse rather than a touchpad can be better for your well-being by keeping your shoulders, neck, and forearm more relaxed.

However, people who travel a lot for work or like to move their laptop from room to room at home will probably be happier with a touchpad. That way, you don't have to carry a mouse around with you all the time and can more easily use a laptop from an airport chair or your living room sofa.

Even if you prefer using a mouse, it's a good idea to get familiar with your touchpad so you can still use your laptop should your mouse quit working.

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