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Short Tutorial/FAQ – What Does The Term Facebook Jail Mean?

Download Graphics to View Question: I've had friends say they're in Facebook jail. What does that mean and why would someone end up in that situation?

Answer: Facebook jail is an urban term coined by users to describe when someone is banned or blocked from accessing their account or posting on Facebook because of spammy behavior or failure to follow the platform's guidelines.

There are seven common reasons why people end up in Facebook jail:
  1. Spamming – This can mean posting too quickly and often or sending out too many friend requests, which is how bots typically act.

  2. Inappropriate and Explicit Content – Included in this category is posting suggestive images or content regarding self-harm, hate speech, or threats.

  3. Posting Flagged Images or Videos – If Facebook has marked or flagged certain images due to spam or for violating the terms, and someone posts them on their page, it can lead to being flagged by Facebook.

  4. Logging into Multiple Accounts at the Same Time – This behavior is how bots often behave, which is why it can lead to Facebook jail.

  5. Automated Software – Most of this software is programmed to automatically like or comment on posts, which is a no-no on Facebook.

  6. Fake Accounts – Facebook notices someone using a fake account due to multiple people reporting it.

  7. Suspicious Payments – Making a payment using a fraudulent card is cause for an account to be banned.

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