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Short Tutorial/FAQ – What Are the Types of Internet Slang?

Download Graphics to View Question: I see so much internet slang being used. What are the most common types of it?

Answer: Internet slang is popular since it allows people to communicate efficiently while saving keystrokes. These slang terms are used in emails, blogs, online forums, texts, instant messaging, and social media posts.

Here's a list of some of the most widely used types of internet slang:

Direct Request – An appeal to identify one's identity which is commonly used in chat engines or online games where a person's identification is usually hidden or unknown
Example: ASL (age, sex, and location)

Emojis – A small digital picture or pictorial symbol used instead of words to convey an idea, impression, or feeling
Example: A smiley face 😃

Heterography – Non-standard spelling which usually combines numbers and letters
Example: 2day

Internet Acronyms – Formed by using only the first letter of each word in a phrase
Example: LOL (laugh out loud)

Letter Homophones – A group of letters that replace words with those sounds
Example: CU – "C" for see and "U" for you

Onomatopoeia – The formation of a word with its associated sound
Example: Hahaha

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