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Short Tutorial/FAQ – Why Would I Use Disposable Email?

Question: I've heard of disposable email, but don't understand its purpose. Why would I want to use it?

Download Graphics to View Answer: Disposable email — also called temporary, throwaway, or burner email — is a typically free email service that allows you to receive email at a temporary address that expires after a certain period of time elapses.

People use disposable email for a variety of reasons. The main one is to avoid spam that can fill up the inbox of your primary email account. Many forums, websites, and blogs ask visitors to register before they can view content, post comments, or download information. A disposable email account will allow you to sign up and verify your registration without exposing your primary email account to spam or having it publicly available online.

Another reason you may want to use disposable email is when you want to sign up for a special offer with a retailer you've never shopped with before. You can use disposable email to get the one-time discount or gift, without having to sift through a deluge of marketing content in your primary email account for months to come.

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