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Customer Alert – Malicious Tagging on Facebook

Watch Out For Charity Scams Scammers know how much time people spend on Facebook, so that's where they use many of their tricks. The one known as "malicious tagging" involves a scammer gaining control of someone's Facebook account and sending out a post that includes a link and tags the account holder's friends. The friends are encouraged to click the link, which leads to harmful results.

If you're one of those friends and you click the link, potential consequences include you downloading software that scans your device for sensitive information the scammer can use to access your financial accounts. Another possible outcome is the scammer gaining entry to your Facebook account and starting the process over again.

The challenge with this scam is that the criminals make it look like those posting are providing a harmless link that friends understandably want to follow. That's why you need to stay alert. If you see a post that includes multiple tags and a link, don't click. Instead, report the post, then hide it from your Timeline and alert the friend whose account it came from.

Because Facebook is a hotbed for scams, keep an eye out for anything that looks different from what a friend usually posts and steer clear.

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