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Customer Alert – Watch Out For Clickbait Scams

atch Out For Clickbait Scams Scammers use every opportunity to try to take advantage of you, including stories about beloved celebrities. For example, the recent death of Kobe Bryant has many fans reeling ... and vulnerable. You might see pointers to stories about stars with descriptions containing words like, "unbelievable," "shocking," or "sensational." This is known as "clickbait."

If you see this kind of language in an email, stop and think before clicking the associated link. You should never click links in email without knowing the sender and without knowing where the link will take you. Doing so can result in malware being installed on your computer or being taken to a site where personal information is requested.

The same is true if you see such pointers in social media. Even if these descriptions look like they're generated by friends, don't take the (click)bait!

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