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Stay Alert – Scam Claims Norton Subscription Expired

Watch Out For Charity Scams If you have Norton AntiVirus software installed on your computer and see a pop-up ad that says it's expired, you're likely to want to click and renew to continue safeguarding your computer.

But think for a minute before you do. Such pop-up ads can be faked, even if they look like the real thing. Scammers are waiting behind the scenes to collect your money or serve you with malignant software to gain access to your personal data.

Follow these tips to avoid being a victim of this scam:
  • Look for telltale signs. If the alert includes spelling errors, strange colors, or anything else that seems "off," it's likely a scam.

  • Do your homework. If you're given a phone number to call, perform a search to find out if it's legitimate.

  • Ignore unsolicited offers of support. Norton will never contact you to fix issues with your computer unless you contact them first.

  • Check your facts. Contact Norton through support channels you already know and ask them if your software subscription has actually expired.
Be aware that the notice from "Norton" may also come in the form of an email that leads you to a webpage asking for personal information. As always, check sender email addresses carefully and avoid clicking links from sources you don't know or are unsure about.

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