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You Chose A "Lou Grant" – That's Incorrect!

Murray Slaughter and Mary Richards were the only two characters from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to appear in every episode.

Gavin MacLeod and Mary Tyler Moore had their work cut out for them during the production of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, since their characters, Murray Slaughter and Mary Richards, were in every script during the 1970-1977 series run. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was voted #11 on the TV Guide list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Here's some fun trivia about the series:
  • Gavin MacLeod first auditioned for the role of Lou Grant, as did Edward Asner. After Asner gave a terrible first reading, he insisted on a second chance and landed the role.
  • Gavin MacLeod and Mary Tyler Moore were on The Dick Van Dyke Show as well as The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • After The Mary Tyler Moore Show wrapped, Gavin MacLeod starred in The Love Boat, which was a top-30 show for several years.
TV history would not be the same without the adventures of the staff at WJM-TV News in Minneapolis. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was truly one of a kind.

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