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You Chose "D" Gary Burghoff (Cpl. Walter "Radar" O'Reilly) and Loretta Swit (Maj. Maragret "Hot Lips" Houlihan) – That's Incorrect!

Both Jamie Farr and Alan Alda from M*A*S*H fought in Korea

Although the story was originally inspired by the Vietnam War, the TV show was set during the Korean War. The dog tags that Farr's character, Klinger, wears in the show are from his time in South Korea.

Gary Burghoff, who played Radar O'Reilly, was one of two actors to appear in both the movie and the series as the same character. The teddy bear Radar had in the show sold for $11,800 in 2005. The name of Big Bird's teddy bear, Radar, from Sesame Street was inspired by the show.

M*A*S*H ran for 11 seasons. Alan Alda is the only actor to have appeared in all 251 episodes. The series finale is still the highest-rated American show of all time, bringing in 125 million viewers.

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