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Section B Ideas for July - December 2017

For your convenience, we've put together this collection of content ideas for the Section B portion of your Broadband eNewsletter. Feel free to copy, paste, and customize this pre-written content to meet your company's Section B needs.

Since the subject line used when emailing your eNewsletter can help to boost open rates, we've also included a suggested subject line below each Section B idea. Contact your eNewsletter Coordinator for additional recommendations.

In January 2018, we'll provide a new group of Section B ideas with supporting graphics. As always, thanks for your business. We enjoy helping you stay in touch with your customers.

- The Staff of Cornerstone Group


Seasonal Content

Idea 1 (October) Available to Website Compass participants only.

Check Out the Lively Feature in Website Compass

Live streaming makes social media livelier, as you'll discover in the Fall 2017 Website Compass magazine. Get ideas for how and when to use live streaming, see how the power of video has grown in recent years, and learn what's offered by Facebook Live and other live streaming applications.

You receive Website Compass as a value-added bonus (and thank you gift) for being one of our internet customers. In addition to the printed magazine, you can also access it at (WEBSITE LINK).

Subject Line: Get Lively Tips About Live Streaming – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 2 (October) Available to Website Compass participants only.

Website Compass Helps You Avoid Common Password Mistakes

Your passwords are your first line of defense against online intruders, so it's vitally important to make sure they're strong. To find out more, check out the Fall 2017 Website Compass magazine. It includes a list of eight common password mistakes along with advice on what to do instead to improve your security.

You receive Website Compass as a value-added bonus (and thank you gift) for being one of our internet customers. In addition to the printed magazine, you can also access it at (WEBSITE LINK).

Subject Line: Don't Make These 8 Password Mistakes – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 3 (October)

October Is The Month To Celebrate Cooperatives

Each October, cooperatives all across America, including (COMPANY NAME), celebrate the role, accomplishments, and contributions of our nation's cooperatives.

Cooperatives uphold values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. Co-ops don't have to answer to shareholders; they focus on meeting their members' needs. As a member, each time you pay for (COMPANY NAME) services, you're making an investment in a company that you and your neighbors actually own. Our success is your success, and we thank you for your support.

Subject Line: October is Co-Op Month - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 4 (October)

Subject Line: Have a Spooktacular Halloween! – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 5 (November)

Subject Line: Our Thanks to All Veterans – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 6 (November)

Subject Line: Happy Thanksgiving, We're Thankful for You – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 7 (December)

Merry Christmas From (COMPANY NAME)

(COMPANY NAME) hopes you enjoy a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends. As you plan your activities, remember our office will be closed on the following days:

  • Closed on Friday, December 22 and Monday, December 25

  • Closed on Monday, January 1

In case of a service emergency, please call us at (PHONE NUMBER).

Subject Line: Get Important Holiday Schedule Information – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 8 (December)

Subject Line: We Wish You a Happy Holiday Season – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 9 (December)

Come To Our Holiday Toy Drive And Open House

(COMPANY NAME) is hosting a Holiday Toy Drive to brighten the spirits of local children in need. Please drop off your donations of unwrapped toys or books to our office at (ADDRESS) between now and December ##. 

You're also invited to join the fun at our Holiday Open House on (DAY AND DATE) from (HOURS) at (LOCATION/ADDRESS). There will be free refreshments and you'll receive a gift simply for attending.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Subject Line: You're Invited to Our Holiday Open House– Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

General Content

Idea 10

Stamp Out Mailing Costs With eBilling

If you're still mailing checks to pay your monthly bills, think about this: Let's say you pay 10 bills per month at a cost of 49 cents per stamp. That adds up to nearly $5.00 per month and $60 per year for the stamps alone, not to mention the cost of buying the checks. Wouldn't you rather use that money for something else? You can if you switch to paying your bills online.

(COMPANY NAME) offers free eBilling that lets you receive your monthly bills from us by email and pay them online with your credit card or debit card. Visit today and follow the instructions to set up your eBilling account.

Subject Line: Stamp Out Mailing Costs With eBilling - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 11

Do Our Facebook Posts Appear In Your News Feed?

(COMPANY NAME) posts all kinds of information on our Facebook page at including:

  • Our latest money-saving promotions
  • News about changes or additions to our services
  • Photos and videos from community activities
  • Helpful technology tips
  • Alerts about outages

If you're not seeing our posts, please go to our Facebook page and click on both the "Like" and "Follow" buttons. This is the easiest way to make sure you stay in the know.

Subject Line: Get a Tip About Your Facebook News Feed - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 12

How To Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

These days, many of us spend hours a day in front of some type of screen. Be aware that continuous or prolonged use of technology can lead to computer vision syndrome, which may include eye strain, headaches, fatigue, burning or tired eyes, loss of focus, blurred vision, double vision, or head/neck pain.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends implementing a 20-20-20 rule with technology — take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away. Staring off into the distance helps the eyes from locking into a close-up position.

(COMPANY NAME) wants our customers to use technology in a healthy way. If you have questions, ask your eye care professional.

Subject Line: How to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 13

What To Know Before You Burn, Dig, or Mow

Telephone pedestals and fiber markers indicate the location of internet, digital TV, and phone cables and equipment. Please watch for them on your property if you are burning ditches or mowing and be careful to avoid them. Damage can disrupt service for you and/or your neighbors.

Also, be sure to call 811 before you dig anywhere to have the location of underground utility lines, pipes, and cables marked.

(COMPANY NAME) thanks you for your cooperation in helping to protect our valuable communications infrastructure.

Subject Line: What to Know Before You Burn, Dig, or Mow - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 14

Why Our Internet Service Requires Landline Service As Well

Many of you have asked (COMPANY NAME) why you must subscribe to landline phone service in order to receive our internet service. This requirement stems from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.

The FCC continues to base Universal Service Fund (USF) reimbursement on local phone line subscriptions. The USF is a government-administered fund to support the provision of telecommunications services in rural and high-cost areas, to low-income consumers, and to schools, libraries, and health care facilities nationwide. If (COMPANY NAME) did not require a phone line subscription, we would not receive the USF funding we need and would have to increase the rates for our internet and other services.

If you have questions, please call us at (PHONE NUMBER).

Subject Line: Learn About Landline Subscription Requirements - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 15

In An Emergency, A Landline Tells 911 Your Exact Location

If you use a cellphone to make a call to 911 — and you can't say the address due to a medical condition or other reason — dispatchers may not be able to pinpoint your exact location quickly.

Why? In most communities, 911 systems are not equipped to provide dispatchers with specific location information from the phone record if you call from a cellphone. The best they can do is to try and get a general indication of your location based on the closest cell tower site. This data exchange can take minutes; sometimes, it doesn't return a location at all.

By contrast, if you call 911 from a landline phone, the phone record is tied to a specific physical location, and the dispatcher will be able to locate you quickly and send the appropriate help. The 911 system was designed for landline phones, and it transmits your call and your location instantly over a hard-wired connection.

While cellphone convenience is a great thing when you're out and about, your safety and security are two important reasons to also keep a landline phone at home. To get landline service, call (COMPANY NAME) at (PHONE NUMBER).

Subject Line: Learn Why Landlines Can Be Lifelines - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 16

How To Make Your Home's Wi-Fi Faster

(COMPANY NAME) offers lightning-fast internet speeds, but if your Wi-Fi router is out of date or not set up correctly, it could be slowing you down. Here are some tips to help you maximize router performance and enjoy the internet speed you ordered:

  • Upgrade your router. If your household has several people — each with a computer, phone, and tablet — plus, there's a gaming console, your entry-level router's capacity might be exceeded. A home network with this much online activity warrants the purchase of an upgraded router.
  • Move your router to its ideal position. Keep your router centrally located and away from thick walls made of brick or concrete, water, and windows.
  • Make sure your router is secure. Putting a password on your router or limiting which devices can access your network will keep other people from using your network and slowing it down.

If you need a new router or have questions about your Wi-Fi network, stop by our office.

Subject Line: Learn How to Make Your Home WI-Fi Faster – Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 17

Don't Let Bandwidth Hogs Cause Household Battles

Does this sound familiar? Your son is making a hefty download of the latest video game while your daughter is watching YouTube videos and your wife is streaming a movie. Meanwhile, you're trying to get some work done from home, and notice that your laptop's internet connection seems to have slowed to a crawl when you attempt to Skype with a colleague. Before long, a bandwidth battle ensues over who's a bandwidth hog and which online activities should get priority.

When your home's bandwidth isn't adequate for simultaneous use by several bandwidth hogs engaged in streaming, gaming, and video chatting, everyone in the family may experience slower internet speeds. That's when frustrations can grow and bandwidth battles can occur.

In the interest of promoting family harmony, (COMPANY NAME) recommends you upgrade your internet plan. That way, you can all get the speed you need and won't have to argue over who must curtail their online activity to free up bandwidth for someone else. To learn more, call (PHONE NUMBER).

Subject Line: Are There Bandwidth Battles in Your House? - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 18

Are There Ghosts Of Technology Past In Your Attic?

Many people have dusty old computers, keyboards, monitors, printers, and phones lurking around the house, perhaps tucked away in a dark corner of the attic. You loved them once, but they've since been replaced by the latest and greatest models.

What do you do with your old electronics? First, make sure to completely erase all personal information. Then find a place to take them for recycling in your area. Old electronics should not be simply thrown out with the trash since they often contain toxic substances.

These websites are a great place to start your recycling research:


Remember, (COMPANY NAME) offers a variety of computer repair and maintenance services for machines that have not yet "given up the ghost." Call (PHONE NUMBER) for details.

Subject Line: Learn What to Do With Old Electronics - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 19

You're Invited To Our Customer Appreciation Celebration

You're a valued customer of (COMPANY NAME), and we'd like to thank you in person. Please stop by our Customer Appreciation Celebration on (MONTH, DAY) from (TIME TO TIME) at (LOCATION). There will be:

  • Free food and beverages
  • Free giveaways for all attendees
  • Great prizes for lucky drawing winners

We hope to see you and your family there!

Subject Line: Open Your Invitation To Our Customer Appreciation Celebration - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

Idea 20

Everything You Need To Know About WatchTVEverywhere

What is WatchTVEverywhere?
It's a free service available to subscribers of qualifying (COMPANY NAME) TV packages. With WatchTVEverywhere, you can watch some of your favorite channels and programming — including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows — on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Where can I use it?
You can use WatchTVEverywhere anywhere you have an internet connection such as hotels, vacation homes, airports, and restaurants. WatchTVEverywhere is also handy to use at home when you want an extra "TV screen."

How do I get started?
The first step is to complete a one-time registration:

  • Go to and select (COMPANY NAME) in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Register link.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Check your email. You will receive a message with an activation link.
  • Click on the link to complete the registration process.

What's available on WatchTVEverywhere for me to watch?
After you've registered with WatchTVEverywhere, click "Log In," and enter your username and password. Then click on the TV network you want to watch, and you'll see a list of available
WatchTVEverywhere programs. You can watch any WatchTVEverywhere program as long as it's on a network you subscribe to through your (COMPANY NAME) TV package.

If you have questions about WatchTVEverywhere, call us at (PHONE NUMBER).

Subject Line: Answers To Your WatchTVEverywhere Questions - Your (COMPANY NAME) (MONTH) eNewsletter

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