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Short Tutorial/FAQ – What Internet-Related Terms Have Been Added Recently To The Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

Download Graphics to View Question: I know the English language is always changing. Do these changes reflect internet-related terms?

Answer: Absolutely. Here are some words that have been recently added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (that is, have become official English words):
  • Binge-watch: to watch two or more episodes of a TV series in one sitting.

  • Humblebrag: to make a seemingly modest statement on social media that's actually meant to draw attention to one's achievements.

  • Listicle: an article presented online that contains a series of items in list form.

  • NSFW: an abbreviation that stands for "not suitable for work," a warning that might accompany a link from a friend that — due to its racy content — one should open in private.

  • Photobomb: to move into the frame of a photo that's being taken, as a prank.

  • Ping: a signal sent from one computer to another across a network

  • Ransomware: malware that requires victims to pay a ransom to access encrypted files.

  • Troll: to harass, criticize, or antagonize someone through disparaging public statements.

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