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Short Tutorial/FAQ – Why Do I Need To Update My Wireless Router's Firmware?

Download Graphics to View Question: A friend just told me he updated the firmware on his wireless router. I had never considered this, but is it something I should also be doing?

Answer: Similar to software on your computer, your router's firmware needs to be updated regularly to repair bugs and vulnerabilities as well as stay resistant to attacks. For example, hackers can access your private files, record websites you visit and searches you conduct, or use your network for criminal activities.

Many routers receive updates automatically, but you still have to activate them manually. To get specific instructions, you'll want to do an online search for "How to update the firmware on the [your router name and model number]. But here are the basic steps involved:
  1. Log in to your router's administration console.

  2. Locate the firmware upgrade section.

  3. Download and install the router firmware.
If you're not comfortable performing that function or think you'll forget to do it regularly, the best bet may be to replace your current router with one that takes care of updates without user involvement.

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