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Scam Alert – Beware Of "Can You Hear Me?" Robocall

Spoofed Facebook Accounts Scammers never seem to run out of ways to steal your money, and now they're using your own voice to do it.

Here's how it works: You answer your phone, and the person on the other end of the line states their name, says they're from a customer service department, and asks, "Can you hear me clearly?" If you reply, they record your voice saying "Yes." They later use that recording as "proof" claiming you agreed to pay for goods or services.

Here are some tips for avoiding being a victim:
  • If you receive a call like the one described above, hang up without saying anything.

  • Better yet, use caller ID to screen calls and don't answer those from numbers you don't recognize. If the call is from someone legitimate, they'll leave a message. You can just call them back.

  • Joining the Do Not Call Registry may help — not because scammers won't call, but because you'll get fewer calls overall and will be more likely to notice any that seem suspicious.

  • Know that questions other than "Can you hear me?" may be used — anything that will likely elicit a "yes" response.

  • Never give personal information (such as your Social Security number, birthdate, password, or mother's maiden name) over the phone. Companies you do business with should already have this type of information.

  • Finally, it's always a good idea to check your credit card and utility statements regularly for unauthorized charges.
If you do get one of these calls, make a note of the number and report it to to help authorities track down the scammers.

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