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Stay Alert – Warning For PayPal Users

Warning For PayPal Users Some PayPal users are getting fraudulent emails claiming to be from PayPal and asking for highly personal information such as their Social Security number or mother's maiden name. If the unsuspecting victims enter their information, scammers use it to make purchases with their credit card or steal their identity.

Here's how this phishing scam works: First, you receive an email message claiming to be from PayPal, perhaps even including the PayPal logo. The email doesn't refer to you by name, but uses "Customer" or "Member." It tells you your account is frozen or deactivated, and that your verification is needed to reactivate it. The email includes a button for you to click to take you to the form to complete the process. When you click the button, you're taken to a page that looks like a legitimate PayPal page to login. When you do, the scammers capture your login information, and they capture more when you fill out the form.

To avoid being a victim, remember these tips:
  • Beware of messages claiming to be from PayPal that don't come from the domain.

  • Beware of messages that don't greet you by name.

  • Beware of messages that seem "funny" in any way, such as a lot of typos.

  • Never download attachments claiming to be from PayPal, as the real PayPal will never send you anything like this.

  • Never click on links within emails you're not sure of.

  • Never share personal information via email.

  • If in doubt, contact PayPal directly through their website or contact information you already have.
Finally, to help PayPal identify scammers, contact them at and let them know of anything "phishy."

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