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Scam Alert – Yahoo! Accounts For Sale On Dark Web

Phishing Alert Recently a well-known hacker revealed that he had stolen login credentials from Yahoo! Further, he indicated that this information was available for sale on the dark web, which refers to online sites where people engage in illegal activities. Yahoo! is aware of this claim and is currently investigating it.

Whether or not the claim turns out to be true, if you have a Yahoo! account, it's a good idea to immediately change your password. Make sure it's a "strong" password — one that is 12 or more characters containing letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols — that you don't use for any other account. Also, consider using Yahoo Account Key, which replaces passwords with a process that sends a login credential to your phone.

Remember to also have a good security system on all of your devices to guard against malware infections and attacks, spam, and dangerous websites. Finally, watch your financial accounts closely for unusual activity, which can be a sign that someone has acquired your personal information.

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