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Security Alert – Facebook Privacy Hoaxes

Facebook Privacy Two Facebook hoaxes play on users' fears about content ownership and privacy on the social media site. One of them is a "legally-binding message" that you are encouraged to post on your profile, stating you don't give Facebook permission to use your content, and your information is to remain private. It claims that not posting this notice gives tacit permission to Facebook to use any of your content.

The other is a notice claiming that Facebook will charge money to keep your subscription status private (unless you post this notice on your site, in which case you can keep your information private for free), but otherwise all your posts will soon become public.

Don't allow these messages to scare you; they're both false! Facebook's Terms and Conditions state that you own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you control how it's shared. Essentially, all of the content you post is considered intellectual property. Based on your settings, Facebook may use some of your public images across the application, but it can no longer do so if you delete the content or your entire profile. In addition, Facebook's policy is that the site is, and always will be, provided free of charge.

If you're still concerned about privacy, revisit your privacy settings from time to time and refrain from posting anything, even to "safe" groups of friends, that you wouldn't want the world to see.

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